52 Weeks of UX

This site covers a lot of thoughts and principles around the design of  User Experiences. So much of what we do as Designers  is based around creating a particular user experience.

In a round about way this applies to sketching as well. One of the main reasons we create a killer sketch, or rendering, is to inspire the viewer and get them emotional involved. If the sketch is done poorly it results in a bad viewer experience and a bad reaction. Your ideas could make the company millions but if you cant get the viewer, who many times has no idea what the right solution is, emotionally connected to your idea then it will almost never get chosen.

A great sketch will do the opposite. Ive seen bad ideas get chosen solely based on how well they were presented…So in closing the moral of the story is “Be a great sketcher so you can get people to buy into bad ideas. jk :)”

Heres to 52weeks of User Experience Design.

  • Anonymous

    I love 52 weeks if UX. It’s a GREAT blog!

  • Nate Finlay

    Ya its always been a good reminder for me. I tend to loose that idealistic approach to design in the day to day but this usually brings me back a bit.

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    Love this Blog really helpful and informative for me

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