And now for something different.

One of our resident sketch monkeys, Kannonne, was kind enough to share some sweet inspirational goodness with us and i thought it deserved some front page action. Its a bit different from the normal “sketch” theme but its still contains futuristic vehicles so its always welcome here. Check out Igarashi Design

And if you want to see some more inspirational work check out the recent sketch challenge!

  • Hazael Estrada

    i can’t believe IgarashiDesign is just being featured… i’ve been loving it like since 2006

    • Nate Finlay

      Ya i know. The stuff is killer.

      I found the site sometime ago but it just got lost in the files and then it reemerged…thank goodness.

  • David Fano
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  • Partisanfox

    What software have been used to make this rendering?

  • Kevinhyshen

    finally! i remember coming across this site way back then, then forgetting the exact link…. great to see it again!