Article: This Man Can’t Stop Innovating

Here is a wonderful article about design in a third world environment. Its not Sketching but for me its just as Inspirational.

 SOLUTIONS PROVIDER:  Moses Kizza Musaazi with one of his distinctive granaries. Schools use the granaries to store maize for students' lunches. Farmers store crops in them for when demand is high.

I love the fact that these stories are getting more face time in the media. I think, as designers, we usually aggrandize the crazy cool electronics/cars/footwear. They are cool but i usually feel that the real opportunities to make peoples lives better exist in the more  mundane daily chores. I’m not trying to lesson the accomplishments of any of those industries but its nice to be brought down to reality and see individuals take up the calling to make life easier outside of our rich consumer based economy. These individuals have less money, materials, and man power yet manage to have such a greater impact on the people in their community. I think there’s a lot to be learned from these “design stars” and the areas they live in. Maybe we can help.

I have a ton of this kind of stuff ( i.e. innovation with the resources available in less develop areas) and i’ve been thinking a lot about it. If your interested in seeing more let me know in the comments and ill do another more inclusive post.

Image and Article Copyright Leigh Buchanan | Inc. magazine

  • Aditya Galotra

    Love to see more!

  • Guest

    Yes, would be interesting to see more on the theme.

  • Bryce Fesing

    Yes. A huge part of the world can use more help.

  • Ben

    Definitely like to read more like this

  • Roger

    Would definitely love to see more! 

  • Francesco Di Giuseppe

    I am actually working on a university project for street vending in developing countries.
    Would love to see more design and less aesthetics.

    • Nathanael Finlay

      Ill post some more next week. Im actually open to anyone and everyone sending me any links related to 3rd world design. Ill post them as well.

    • Carlos Medrano Maldonado

      but design is aesthetics and functionality at the same time, they don’t have to be divided, they must go together ALWAYS, the problem is when we forget one of both. By the way, I´m from Perú.

  • Charles Douglas Wood

    There is a lot of buzz in the engineering community about design for the developing world, but I feel that industrial designers have a particular skill set that give them an advantage of human-centered design. I am working in Peru right now to develop products for developing nations and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that people who can’t afford much care how well the products they buy are designed.

    • Nathanael Finlay

      Thats awesome! how did you get setup in Peru? ‘Ive actually been brainstorming a non profit business plan based on remotely giving a community of designers information that they can use to create solutions for developing areas. There would then be a support structure at the area mostly of locals with a couple facilitators that could make the ideas more… appropriate for the area.

      • Charles Douglas Wood

         My wife is doing her master’s work on design strategies for developing countries. As an amateur designer, I jumped at the chance to come with her to Peru and help. She’s been collecting information about human-centered design at: I think you’re on to something because the hardest thing about designing remotely was accurate information and real-time feedback. Sometimes people say one thing and do another which is hard to discern though phone conversations with country contacts.

  • David Gibson

    This guy is truly inspiring for lack of better words…  Thanks for shareing

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