Bizarre, wierd, and fricken sweet!

I’m always searching for more inspiration especially the stuff that gets my mind making new crazy connections. If you go for the same thing, or dont, tell us what you think of Allen Sutton. His style and topics are pretty intense. 😉


  • Parker A. Brown

    I agree! I love exposing my mind to new influences, it creates new synapses and unexplored worlds. I also think it fills in what is truly possible, rather than what is “expected.” Too often we as designers are afraid to throw out the crazy ideas to the world and hear what they think. I think this problem is most prevalent in automotive circles where “good taste” seems to bear too much weight on the final decision. Good taste only gets us so far. Without “ugly” or “challenging” design we are left with the form vocabulary of what was produced before us. Architects seem to get it, they abandoned the “Kanon” long ago. Too bad they also abandoned the skill set as well.

    • Nate Finlay

      Couldn’t agree more. Nicely said.

  • Stevenkovaks

    great stuff! I see a lot of R Crumb and Spumco cartoon influence in here. I love his confidence with linework. Every line looks as if it were only put down once, done right the first time.

    • Tim

      R Crumb? Spumco? I did a image google and got a lot of Ren and Stempy. Could you give me some back story?

      • Stevenkovaks

        Well R Crumb was an old hippie comic artist, did the original Keep On Truckin cartoon that you still sometimes see on mudflaps of big rigs.

        Spumco was the name of the original comic and production company that produces Ren and Stimpy. They had a few really great comic books out, and some great other spinoff characters. George Liquor American is a classic that made it into a few Ren and Stimpy cartoons.

        The old Spumco comic books are great!