Building a Concept Car

These videos are a bit long but they cover a good chunk of the design process. They take you from ideation to full scale concept car. ┬áThe host is a bit stiff but its a good introduction to car design…and the” all black” outfits upper management has to wear. :\ Enjoy!



  • Dan


  • tim

    Hey Guys, I am just getting started in ID and loved this series very inspiring. Thanks for the great work.

  • Daney Chhang

    Totally worth the watch. They really did try to show all of the process. OF course Hyundai can’t show you everything. Steve sure did model that car pretty quickly. Someday I too will work with Hyundai!

  • Arash Badeanlou

    I got to admit, I was a little nervous being on camera. Glad you guys got something out of it!

  • idxone

    it would have been great to see how the digital model was done before milling.

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  • jay mittal

    its side look is totally match with Range Rover……