Challenge Round up – Web Cams

We had another great challegne with a lot of participation. You can check out the gallery and a Re-sketch It after the break.

For this next challenge we are going to do a 2 parter. The first week is sketching and the next week is rendering. The idea is to do some exploration and ideation and then pick your best sketch, refine it, and then render it up. Practice makes perfect.

Heres the Gallery of Webcams

The Re-Sketch It for this week was done by none other then Tim Jester. Hes been around the forums for awhile posting and helping a ton of people out. Hes one of the new moderators. So, If you need some feedback or have a question drop him a line. Also, keep a look out for a post introducing our Mods. They have some serious skills and we’re glad to have them on the team.

This visual critique was done for a past challenge we had on Airships. You can check out the original post here for the comparison. ( @Ciderapple, I hope this helps clarify some of the things your were struggling with 😉 )

  • Mraswin2020

    the different designs of the web cams gives us a lot of ideas…thanx

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