Crazy white board artwork

This is pretty sweet and i wish this guy was my teacher in high school. Gregory Euclide created awesome murals during the 25 minutes he had for lunch. Apparently it started with him teaching his students what they could do in a short amount of time and then they got hooked. There are more images past the break along with links to a couple of articles.

Now i’m just waiting for the “How To” vid done in traditional Bob Ross fashion.

Drip effect: The melancholy images show wintry forests and emotional, shadowy landscapes - which look as though they took far longer than half an hour to make

I’ve always wanted to do some cool artwork on a whiteboard, but mine always look like crappy dry erase doodles. I’m always amazed at what people can create when they limit themselves to a few things and this is no exception. Both links contain more content about Mr. Euclide but not much. The images are the cool part though. Enjoy!

Articles: Oddity Central / Mail Online

whiteboard art2 550x439 High School Teacher Creates Whiteboard Masterpieces During His Lunch Breaks


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  • Abraham Feliciano


    Truly amazing what you can do when you actually sit down
    and  work on something from start to

  • Ehmad A

    Its awesome man!
    Love amazing work, Thanks for sharing

    Ill try to draw something likw that on my  dry erase board