Doodles II

Sorry about the lack of posts. We have had a few technical difficulties with our servers and what not. Its been a pain.

Anyway, here are few sketches I’ve done over the month or so. Hopefully you find them useful…and inspirational. If not let me know. :)

(More will come. I didn’t have time to scan and post everything.)











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  • Mattishoenderboom

    Great to see these kind of sketches and really inspiring;)
    I was wondering; on the drawing sheets with multiple drawings, Is it sketched like this or is are these photoshopped later with different images to get a coherent picture?


    • Nathanael Finlay

      Thanks! Everything was sketched together.  The only thing i did in Photoshop was clean up a few loose strokes , used levels to get the backgrounds white, and then cropped the image.

  • Ramses Cabello

    Looks very inspirational! 😉 

  • Poop

    loved all the new videos/content but now this site sucks! Add new stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!