With spring comes the busy season so the only time I have to draw is either really late at night or during really really really boring meetings, which there hasn’t been to many of ;). However, I always make sure i’m sketching. It gives me a break and lets my mind relax while my hand does all the work. So, with that, heres a gallery with snippets of the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy!

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  • Mraswin2020

    wow …..its coooll……i would like to no which pen u used to sketch these ??  

    • Nathanael Finlay

      hmm. I used a bunch.  I think these were either Pilot Hi-Tech, Pilot Fineliner, Fine Point Sharpe, or ball point…with a little warm grey 30% for the spaceships. 

      You have a pen that you like to use?

      • Mraswin2020

        thanx…hope we can see a lot more sketches from u …..

  • Eds

    Lol, I liked the croc pooping while his friend is on lookout.  …

    Distinguished gentleman is also nice.  As, is digital monster cow.  

    • Nate Finlay

      Never thought about the croc in that way. lol! it totally fits. I think my eyes have almost popped out of my head a few times too. 

  • si_artist/designer

    i’m liking the doodles, one thing that stands out is the shading (lines and hatching) it’s spot on and definitely is something i’ll be practising, your lines are far straighter than mine, are you drawing from your wrist or shoulder when doing the shading line work?

    • Nate Finlay

      I draw from both. It really depends on how big the image is and how much detail i want in it. I usually draw from shoulder when genrating the over all form and then wrist when im ready for details.

  • Kerby Rosanes

    I like your style. Maybe you could add a little color with your drawings to give it some life. I see that your imagination wide as seen on the monstrous-like animals in your sketches. Keep it up! I just hope you could make this blog more updated.

  • Kerby Rosanes

    By the way, I hope I could see more of that robotic sketches soon.:)