Jean Henri Gaston Giraud also know by his more popular pseudonym of Moebius passed away in March. I didn’t really know much about him until i saw his artwork featured on the ConceptShip blog back in march. Since then, I have been enthralled with his life, artwork, and style. I have really enjoyed all the wonderful colors, unique line work and surreal topics. It hearkens back to the prime age of comic books, Tron, Syd Mead, and all the advancements in story telling that occurred during that time period. I hope you enjoy his artwork as much as i have and never forget the past. There is always much to learn from those who have come before us…especially this guy. Enjoy!


  • andrej

    one of the most amazing artist i have ever seen – incredible imagination, different thinking and drawing and impressive details and finesse in his drawings. nice post. didnt know he died. sad thing