More Wacom? Intuos 5 better than Intuos 4

I have a Intuos 3 and 4. My 3 is pretty hashed since i took it apart to see if I could build a DIY Cintiq… But my 4 is terrific i love everything about it. The surfacing, finishes, functionality. Its perfect…and i just got it about two months ago. Bummer. So for those of you who have a 4(or 3) do you think this is an improvement or did they take a step back? You can check out the full review at the engadget.

Wacom announces Intuos5 pen tablets, we go hands-on!

  • 122476

    i just hear about intuos 5, i can’t find any info about it, i wanna know what are the improvements on this new 5 version, i own a 4 model and i love it, i also have tried a cintiq and i prefer a intuos tablet.

  • mb

    wow I was just wondering when the 5 was going to come out yesterday! I have a 4 and it’s great, but I don’t think upgrading to the 5 would be much of an advantage and i’ll be upgrading to a cintiq 24hd later in the year

    • snugja


  • Sach

    I’m unsure about the soft touch materials for the buttons. I would imagine that it wouldn’t wear out well. 

  • napkindoodle

    I can’t believe they refreshed so soon, I had just upgraded to an Intuos4 after the 3 died on me a couple months ago. I wonder if the pens from 4 -> 5 are cross compatible, as the pressure sensitivity doesn’t appear to have changed.

    What’s exciting is this probably means their next Cintiq is going to have multitouch support (finally!).

    • Nathanael Finlay

      Ya i feel the same way. It seems like this is a very early update. Although for Wacom to stay ahead(kinda) of the tablets, and new tech that’s going to start popping up, they need to start pushing things more.

       I did read on Gizmodo that the pens are cross compatible.

  • Nick McGonagle

    i dont know, i dont think the 5 is worth the upgrade unless you are a tech fanatic. The 4 is perfect with the only major feature missing is the touch control.

    Other than that i cant see how the rubber bevel is a good idea, wouldnt it always catch your skin as you moved across it…or at least have more friction. i think the 4 with the gloss/smooth bevel is a much more considered design…

    though after trying the 24hd at a tech show everything else just falls short…well i think anyway…

  • Acorn

    Thanks for the news. I didnt realize this was released. The rubber feel worries me. I have a case on my macbook pro that was the same rubber material and it wore off after about a year leaving shiny spots where it came off. I think I will pass.

  • Bybeejoshua

    I like it, and I don’t like it. I like the soft touch but I think it will wear out on the buttons, and I would miss the little LCD screens if i were to trade up from my 4. I also think the touch function will just get in the way. I think the design is better, but should have incorporated the old buttons and LCD’s. I love the wireless aspect, its far far overdue. So if it were me, the design would stay, and the new rubber material would stay but only surround the buttons and the LCD’s.The wireless would be added, but not the touch. In fact i think if someone were to make a rubber skin for the 4 and make a wireless kit, the 5 wouldn’t be a bleep on my radar.

    • Gman

      The touch feature is awesome on cintiqs because you are touching on the screen buttons just as on a phone/tablet, but I don’t get what other people find good about it on the intuos or bamboos. I had a bamboo touch and I had to end up disabling the touch because I accidentally triggered the rotation gesture all the time with my drawing hand.

  • mr. tablet

    could review the galaxy note 10.1 ? its using a wacom digitizer, but hard to say if it would work out for a professional designer

    • snugja

      If you get one fot us. Sure. :-)


      • mr. tablet

        my thought was that samsung could hook you up with a review unit. samsung is desperate for attention (because of their poor tablet sales) and idsketching is one of the most popular design sketching sites – so it would be a great platform for them. 
        just send them a mail, i doubt that they say no. 

      • Popi

         Mister Spencer

  • Sergio Alonso

    Hi, i´m about to buy an Intuos 3 used…I never have used any kind of wacom and i would like to know if the product it´s good.


    • snugja

      Don’t waste your money. Get the 4 or 5


      • Sergio Alonso

        Tnaks Spencer

        • Toto

           Tank Spencer

  • Laurah

    I’m not keen on the rubber 5 as I have a severe latex allergy. I had to get special pens ordered, and although I was looking forward to the 5, I’ll be sticking to my faithful 4.

    • kepp

       Hi Laura, can you specify which pens have you ordered and from where? Thanks.

  • rockanon

    I upgraded from the 4 medium to 5 medium and opted for the wireless kit. I love being able to kick back on my couch and switch from my monitor to my TV and draw HUGE if I’m feeling loose.

    The touch pad is cool in theory but a bit impactical in use. I usually toggle the touch off if I’m in Sketchbook Pro and toggle it back on if I want to use it as a massive tack pad to move around my OS.

    I dont miss the mini LED displays on the 4 at all.

  • Rick

    I have both the 4 and 5, and they are both great.

  • FeroxX

    Intuos3 is the best, simple, efficient, smooth, and looks the best imo..