NY Mondrian Soho Sketches

Check these out. Original sketches of the interior.

Courtesy of NOTCOT.com

  • Headplow

    Clearly these were dashed out and conceptual in nature but I hardly find them impressive or inspiring. No offense, just sayin . . .

    • Nate Finlay

      I agree. But i do think they are “important” i posted these cause i thought they showed a bit more of the reality of sketching. As designers we don’t always have the time to do a sweet looking sketch. A lot of time it about quickly communicating what your thinking to a group, and these were definitely quick.

      I can just imagine the individual looking at the plans and roughing these out quickly just to get their ideas on paper. Then rushing them over to 3D for a visual presentation of the interior design.

  • Headplow

    I didn’t intend for my previous comment to sound crass. I appreciate the reason they were posted, as being “real” but I guess there are other designers that might have spent the same amount of time as the sketch featured and still have produced an impressive and inspiring sketch. :)