One step closer . . .

So I’ve had this dream for some time now of writing a textbook or guide or some kind of reference guide for my way of sketching. Coming up with a  path to that dream has been pretty confusing. Publishing isn’t something I am used to, comfortable with or have any idea about. Enter Apple.

I love apple products, always have. I was surprised to see this morning that apple has announced a product that brings me one step closer to my dream of encapsulating and sharing knowledge with you guys in the form of a book. iBooks author is Apple’s new FREE, yes FREE, tool for authoring rich content eBooks that can then be distributed on their platform. Granted, the format would be limited to iOS users, but the idea of having a rich content eBook for sketching has gotten me really excited.

So with that, I’m taking the first step on my path to composing a sketching reference book. I can’t promise constant updates on the project, but as I do make progress and have something I like, I’ll be happy to share. I’m really excited about how this really puts a powerful publishing tool in the average man’s hands.

  • Hemdrup

    Looking forward to read it.

  • swabs045

    super exciting stuff, should be great!!

  • Anonymous


  • Nick McGonagle

    What an epic idea! Kick start it and you’ll be rich!!!

  • Pmurfdesign

    I’m ecstatic that today’s anouncement has given you the inspiration to do this. I’m a huge fan of your sketching, and I think a publication showcasing and teaching your method and style would be awesome, both as a reference for professionals and as a teaching tool for students. Good luck!

  • Pyr0000

    i agree a sketch book would be great. just read all of the ELUA. Once you publish it to apple you can not publish it anywhere else.

  • Erik

    Publish on iOS -> make money -> use money to publish in a format you can do what you want with -> I buy :) I’m a huge fan of Apple, but I’m still cold regarding the iPad so … iPad only and you’re missing out on a huge market.

    • Erik

      Not saying I alone is a huge market, but I’m not the only one who doesn’t have an iPad 😉

  • Caminios

    make a kickstarter account -> get finance -> publish own book.

  • Thebongoclown

    Too bad that if it’s on Apple I’ll never get to read it. I cannot for the life of me ever consider to support a company with such horrible business ethics. Find another way to publish it and make it available to everyone, not just Appleists, please.

    • snugja

      Sorry. Apple makes it easy with their publishing method. If you choose to be so idealistic about ethics and your buying choices are a direct reflection of your personal ideals, I trust that you will choose to not purchase anything made in china or a similar situation.
      Good luck!

      • Thebongoclown

        I do my best as in buying ethically within reason, and Apple is a company quite far down on the ladder in terms of ethical companies. But no, a company whose main supplier (Foxconn) has a “no suicide” clause in their workers’ contracts, that sounds like an awesome company to support. Manufacturing ethics aside their restrictive business ethics alone makes them a company that in this day and age of transparency, with a society that’s moving more and more open source, that I honestly cannot understand how any reasonably informed person could support.

        I echo the “make kickstarter account” and try to get it published that way, I’ll gladly chip in what I can.

        • snugja

          Not sure what you mean by their restrictive business ethics then. I thought you were referring to manufacturing ethics. Anyhow, as I always say to people who hate anything apple, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it :-) iBooks author also allows for PDF export and they updated the Eula to not claim ownership of everything. I am composing the book in a text editor first, but those who don’t wish to have a digital textbook will miss out on exclusive video or multimedia content.
          PDF’s and ePubs are also subject to rampant , shall I say, “sharing”. I’m all for sharing knowledge, but I’ve heard too many horror stories to make PDF’s and ePubs the sole source of distribution.