Rendering Exercise – Spaceships

I’ve been in a funk lately. Doing the same thing over and over. Sketching the same way, looking at things the same way. I hate getting stagnant. So, in an effort to change I’ve been doing these. Each one took roughly between 7 & 15min. These arent the greatest and ive seen concept artist do them faster and cleaner, but its been fun and it’s a great exercise.

In the next week or two I’m going to throw up a  video showing a few of these. (If I have enough time Ill clean one up and add some detail) Keep your eyes peeled!


  • Brad Reynolds

    Not that it will be very applicable to your sketching skills, but a lot of these designs would look great as practice sculpts in ZBrush.  Maybe I’ll steal one or two. :)

    • Nathanael Finlay

      totally man! do it and then we will post it up on the front page.

  • Stevelukes1

    Very cool! Ya it would be nice to see a video. I miss those! What kind of drawing tablet do you use? Thanks

    • Nathanael Finlay

      Thanks! I have a Wacom intous 4 (its way better then the intous 3)

  • Liv

    I like them, aerodynamic designs, I see the possibility of becoming real those desings!

  • Fred Zaw

    I see a little Miles Waterhouse in these.

  • rockkicker

    fantastic work, the flow is so well read.

    • Nathanael Finlay

      Thanks Man! FYI video is coming and will be posted this weekend.

  • Product Design Consultant

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  • Sam_Hazelwood

    I just love this site, I look here daily for help, as i am a first year student doing Product Design, i just wish i could draw so well, such as yourself!
    Think you could show more genral help on drawing?

    • snugja

      Working on it! In the mean time, check out or

      • Sam_Hazelwood

         Yea i keep my eyes open on those pages! Loving some of your work, its great to have a fourm like this! Your a great inspiration!

    • Nathanael Finlay

      What other general help are you thinking about? Anything specific?

  • Kate Cannon

    I love the ‘speed shape’. :) Great walk down memory lane. Thanks for showing me that I can always go back to them to get inspiration for form.