Review: Mobius Stylus for Capacitive Screens

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to using the iPad, or another capacitive screened tablet, I rarely use it for serious work. in fact, I probably won’t ever use it for serious design work until there’s a wacom digitizer integrated into my iPad. Yes, I’m strictly an apple guy.  That being said, I’ve tried many a stylus for sketching on my iPad for fun. I’ve even helped kickstart a few. Of all the ones I’ve used in the past, the Mobius stylus by V23 next ranks in my top two that I’ve used so far.

If you don’t care to watch the video, here’s the short and sweet review. The stylus is crafter from aircraft grade aluminum, and comes in a neat little tin case. Embedded in the foam protection, are two replacement tips for the stylus. When you use these capacitive styluses on a fairly regular pass, you’ll find that the tips can wear or tear, or if you’re like me and have a little kid running around, sometimes they can even bite the tips off. Yum. It’s nice that they included the replacement tips. The shaft is somewhat sculpted – not sure if this adds much value for me, but it helps with having a place for your fingers.

I’m not sure how much the stylus will cost at the time of retail, but it is nice. Highly highly recommended.

Check out the video below for some more thoughts –

  • andrej

    hey spencer,
    after watching the video, i was thinking about getting a tablet especially for drawing on the go. Nothing too fancy, just rough sketches, ideas, maybe wireframes (i am a web designer actually).
    So, am i getting the drift, that you would not really recommend a tablet for this kind of stuff, or what is your take?

    • snugja

      Oh, for that kind of work, yes. I was referring to the kind of sketching I do for product design.

      • andrej

        ok, thx :)

    • Nathanael Finlay

      If your really serious about getting a “sketch” tablet wait and see what the Windows 8 moment brings. There is a lot of Wacom rumors connected with the release of those devices.

      • snugja

        I agree. It is nice for doodling here and there though. I just wish Apple would do the same with the iPad :-(

      • andrej

        I see – sounds good. Is there any particular win8 device you are thinking about? Is there any android device that you could recommend?

        • Nathanael Finlay

          there a lot of old gen good devices out there. Asus Transformer(android) or Asus ep121(win7 & wacom digitizer) you can get each for 400 or so used. However if you want win8 and what not id wait till the holiday season when they all come out.

          • andrej

            well, thanks alot – this helps. Will try one and then wait for christmas 😀

  • Sidney


    Have you seen these yet? They’re pressure-sensitive capable styli for iPad

    Pogo Connect:
    Jot Touch:

    The Pogo Connect look particularly impressive.

    • snugja

      Haven’t seen them yet. Thanks for the links!

  • Cameron

    I was curious what app you use to sketch on your iPad? you may have said it in the vid, but i can’t have the sound on cause i’m at work…but i am curious! thanks!

    • snugja

      I use Sketchbook pro by Autodesk.

  • Carla Diana

    I’m crazy about being able to sketch on the go and have forced myself to try to sketch on the iPad. There’s just nothing like having a full marker box and endless (almost) pad of “paper” at your disposal wherever you are. I agree I’m struggling with getting good results for more professional work, but I think it’s worth trying to force myself to learn to do master it.

    Thanks for the review!

  • Poppy Seaberry

    I think drawing on the iPad is really like drawing in any other medium; it has its assets and its limitations, but if you stick with it you can learn how to work with them to do really impressive stuff. Leopartnik comes to mind ( It helps to have the right app, as well; Procreate is my favorite, but there are quite a few with different features that I like. The pressure sensitivity is an issue that has been addressed with a variety of solutions. For me, I achieve the same effect by using opacity levels, line thickness, and blending at small detail levels. I’m not saying the iPad should replace an actual drawing tablet, but for working on the go, especially since you can save in a transportable format, it’s come a very long way.

  • Larry LaBallister

    Thanks for the heads up Spencer! I bought one for my iPad based on your review, and I also let V23 know that I heard about it through your post here. Mine is scheduled for delivery today…can’s wait to try it.
    Thanks again!

    • nenpa

      ipad doesn’t have wacom technology witch means palm rejection, pressure sensitivity and ballpoint precision. samsung galaxy note 10.1, samsung ativ smart pc, asus vivo smart pc and sony vaio do have this.

  • Kristoffer julian

    Hi Spencer. With regards to the stylus what do you think about the one that Samsung galaxy note 10.1 has? Any of you tried to test it out whit sketchbook pro? I want to buy one for myself but i am still not sure of its performance with the app. Thanks

    • nenpa

      Hi, I am writing my mesage from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Wife has ipad. I am using sketchbook pro, adobe ideas and s note. I am not using paper anymore. S pen is very responsive and sensitive. I heard that now came Asus vivo and samsung ativ, sony also has a smart pc with the pen so.. its up to you. all of these devices have wacom pen technology unlike ipad. ipad is super cool but not a first choice for us designers. I particularly like note 10.1 because its so small and doesn’t mix pc functions so i am having it on meetings but then have power pc for solidworks and rhino.

  • chewyrus

    will you review the wacom creative intuos stylus?

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