Sketch-A-Day Videos

Check out this latest video from Sketch-A-Day where I walk through a quick 7 minute sketch of a garden spade. I’ve been trying to do more video as of late on sketch-a-day in a short form/quick post format. Check out the Sketch-A-Day youtube channel as well if you have a minute. Enjoy.

  • andrej

    awesome. Enjoy, when you draw more basic shapes/objects.

    However, I am always under the impression, that you have drawn the object before, because it seems, there is no decision making process going on (or at least it looks very smooth 😉

    Maybe you can make a video of how you go about drawing something new. Or an object that you design while sketching.

    Keep it up!

    • snugja

      That’s true. I try not to spend time designing as I sketch for these videos. I do show that method however in my workshops. The techniques I use can be used to sketch anything.

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  • SH

    GREAT!!! finally i break the wall. and i can diectly watch those video on idsketching

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