I’m totally getting this! Sub $500 3D prototyping. Solidoodle! Who else is with me?


  • Samwenliang

    tempted!!! 😀

  • Patrick

    Not me.  Their prices keep dropping and the technology keeps improving.  It’s hard to justify the expense unless you do low volume production runs.  It may be cheaper to order from protomold, 3Dproparts or the like.  Also, there are many different rapid prototyping technologies and they all yield parts of different properties.  While it appears you just create your solid model in CAD then press print, it’s not always that simple.  Some models require thought with respect to the best printing direction and sometimes require supports which must be added to the solid model.

    Also, plastics move over.  DMLS is on the horizon (direct metal laser sintering).  Basically similar in principle but able to make metal parts which are must more useful.

  • Tim Fox

    I’m getting it!!!

  • Mina

    What about a Makerbot?