The weekly doodle is…

Along with the changes to the site we are also making some changes to the Weekly Sketch Challenge. We have gotten a lot of feedback, from visitors and students, on how we can better help out. So, from now on every Wednesday we will be doing a front page post announcing/closing the weekly challenge, feature a few sketches, and providing a “Re-Sketch It”.

Heres hows the “Re-sketch It” works. At the close of the challenge Me, Spencer, or one of the new Moderators will re-sketch a beginners sketch. We will then show the before and after so you can directly see what we changed to improve the sketch. Its pretty much a visual critique.

So If your wanting to pick up sketching again, need some help, or just need a topic to sketch sign up and come join us in the forums. Don’t worry about being out of place we have a good mix of Professionals and Beginners to help out. 😉

Click past the break to see a few great sketches from the past Challenges and to get this weeks Topic!

This weeks Challenge is a Render Challenge. We provide the Bluetooth Headset Sketch and you render it. Check it out!