Weekly Challenge#20

We just finished last weeks render challenge and it was a blast.  The sketch was a Bluetooth headset and there was a lot of great work. You can check it out after the break.

This next week we are sketching Desktop speakers. Come and join us and brush up on your skills or just have some fun.

If your interested in participating in this week topic but need to sign up go here.

  • Sachin Ghodke

    I wonder how this bluetooth will clasp into the ear? If the hook is in its anti-clockwise direction it probably will hook under the ear instead of over the ear. Or have I got this one wrong?

    • Nate Finlay

      The hook was modeled after this same hook on the Bose IE2 headphones. It fits in the ear just above the ridge that runs on the inside. Does that make sense?

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  • sam

    Like it