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Inspiring: Snowmobile Sketch Contest

I happened to check in on the fellas over at It has continued to be an on-going site of sketch inspiration and awesomeness! Right now they are featuring a sketch contest to create some hotness around snowmobiles. The person that creates the coolest snowmobile sketches will be featured in CARR magazine and have an […]

Old School Flava on a Friday

From back in the day when computer equipment featured wood veneer paneling…here are some cool Atari concept sketches I found from the site Colorcubic. Check out the awesome marker techniques used by an old Atari industrial designer named Regan Cheng. I am diggin the marker and reflections on these!

Michael DiTullo Book of Sketches

Our friend Michael DiTullo has a busy schedule as Creative Director working at Converse. He has found some time however to throw together a nice little compilation of sketches/ideology with the book Analog Dreams. Here is an interesting excerpt from the writings of Mr. DiTullo: “There is nothing like the potential in a fresh stack […]

Video Tutorial: Quickness Tips

This video follows the quick sketch/ideation of a cell phone concept as it goes from a quick sketch to concept composition page in the matter of minutes! Check it out and see about taking some easy shortcuts to get to a final sketch presentation page.

Vacay sketchin

I took with me a Pilot Fineliner pen and a Moleskin over the break…had a chance to do some very VERY gestural and scribbly looking Daytona Coupes.

Update: Shujan to Incase!

Well we just ran the interview on Shujan Bertrand and evidently she has been very busy! Idsketching has learned that she has been offered (and accepted) a position as Design Director at Incase. Congratulations and good luck with this new chapter Shujan! We look forward to more fantastic work!

Interview: Shujan Bertrand

It’s time we had some female representation up in here on! Shujan Bertrand has had extensive experience with a variety of design gigs over the years that have taken her all over the world. She has been extensively involved with the design scene in the San¬†Francisco area over 10 years (mostly with Astro Studios), […]

Sketch video on Copic site

Recently I was pointed to this short little video on the Copic marker site that gives a great little synopsis of why we (as designers) sketch and render. It features some work by Oliver Neuland (who seems to have a lot of sketch skills and natural talent!). One of my favorite lines from the short […]

Lady Industrial Designers

In an industry being so dominated by men, it is interesting to get the point of view from some of the lovely women who work with us. It is estimated that the females make up aproximately 20 percent of the industrial design professionals. Many of these women in the industrial design community have unique perspectives […]

Video Tutorial: Digital sketch to analog look

Inspiration of the week: MiniGraff scale trains

So I know this does not have much to do with id sketching in particular, but I couldn’t help be impressed and inspired by the mini graff site. Here you will find creative graffiti that has been applied to miniature train cars. While I can’t condone tagging real trains…I am diggin the idea of taking […]

Sketch competition on CORE 77

Our friends over at Core 77 are sponsoring a one hour design competition based on ideation sketching. They want to see the most sketches you can possibly crank out on the topic of your choice in 60 minutes. This would be a great way to get some summer practice in before school is back in […]