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More Wacom? Intuos 5 better than Intuos 4

I have a Intuos 3 and 4. My 3 is pretty hashed since i took it apart to see if I could build a DIY Cintiq… But my 4 is terrific i love everything about it. The surfacing, finishes, functionality. Its perfect…and i just got it about two months ago. Bummer. So for those of […]

Article – CAD verses Sketching, Why Ask?

Spencer sent me this article and I liked it so much I sent it to every individual on my design team. Its a great read. I’m constantly running into interns and designers who are limiting their creativity, exploration of problem, and communication of a solution because a program wont let them do what they see in their mind, or they are to […]

Rendering Exercise – Spaceships

I’ve been in a funk lately. Doing the same thing over and over. Sketching the same way, looking at things the same way. I hate getting stagnant. So, in an effort to change I’ve been doing these. Each one took roughly between 7 & 15min. These arent the greatest and ive seen concept artist do them faster and cleaner, […]

Mr. Imagination…

These videos are a bit idealistic…and sales driven. But there are some great points and reminders on how to design products with sustainability in mind.( It’s nice exciting to see more companies focus on this.) However, im ultimately posting them for the sketches. “Mr. Imagination” does a pretty good job about communicating complex ideas with simple visual elements. (portfolio […]

Doodles II

Sorry about the lack of posts. We have had a few technical difficulties with our servers and what not. Its been a pain. Anyway, here are few sketches I’ve done over the month or so. Hopefully you find them useful…and inspirational. If not let me know.

Manufacturing Videos

I know this is a sketching site but…I manage the content. So, here is a range of “how things are made?” videos.  If these don’t do it for you and you were hoping for a cool sketch or inspiration then check out the robotic arms. They are seriously cool….and dont forget to “watch those fingers!”

Xstylus Review

Like sketching on your Tablet and want a nice Stylus? Check out our review after the break. Edit:Well, Elton made his goal and wanted to thank all those who contributed.

Book Review – I Draw Cars: Sketchbook & Reference Guide

We just got the previously announced I DRAW CARS by Matt Marrocco and Adam Hubers. Its a nice textured hard bound book and like the title states its meant to be a sketch assistant. It’s more like a mole skin sketchbook with helpful tips and resources than a fancy car book with pretty renderings. The […]

Design Process – Donn Koh

I just finished doing interviews for a design position and I can’t tell you how nice it is to see a high quality portfolio that is actually thought through. I saw a small sample of Mr. Koh’s portfolio quite a while ago on Engadget and finally got around to checking him out.  He has some great […]

Concept Art – Charles Liu

Here’s a blog full of  wonderful artwork by concept artist Charles Liu.  Enjoy and keep sketching!

Wacom’s Tablet-less Pen

Ready for a new Wacom product? I am. They just release a new “real” pen that will record and transfer your wonderful sketches to the computer…kinda like a livescribe for artist. Sounds fun. I just hope the pen part last long enough so i’m not shelling out a fortune for replacement cartridges that only last a day. […]

Check out Theo!

This guys artwork is prime for inspiring a wicked robot sketch session. Heres more of  Theo stylianides.