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Book Review: Learning Curves 2011

I don’t typically write in depth reviews of anything, and this time will be no exception to that rule. As always, I’d like to sum up my general thoughts on the book. Learning Curves (2011), by Klara Sjölén, Erik Olofsson, and Allan Mcdonald, is the amazing follow-up to the highly popular Design Sketching (2005) book, […]

Latest from Sketch-A-Day Video

So recently, I decided to do some quick video posts on with a very handy camera rig that allows me to set up and record with my iPhone as the camera. Makes me wish I didn’t spend all that money on camera equipment in the past. I don’t have as much time as I […]

Sketch-A-Day Video Post

9 minute sketch page, sped up to 4 minutes. Recorded on iPhone 4 withTripod mount attachments. Liking the new system, but pardon me while I dust off the equipment and grease the elbows. Be sure to visit for more sketch content.

Not Too Shabby Chip!

Chip foose throws down some old school hotness for a vw golf sketch.

Almost Awesome . . . Right . . .

Don’t let the web address fool you – – is the website of Interior Automotive Designer Josh Reed. I worked with Josh at GM back in 2007 and his work is really exciting and inspiring. I really love his sketch style. If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration or a ice in the pants, be […]

One step closer . . .

So I’ve had this dream for some time now of writing a textbook or guide or some kind of reference guide for my way of sketching. Coming up with a  path to that dream has been pretty confusing. Publishing isn’t something I am used to, comfortable with or have any idea about. Enter Apple. I […]

Kickstarter: How to Draw Cars – Marker Rendering and Digital Painting

It’s already funded, but check How to Draw Cars – Marker Rendering and Digital Painting by Arvind Ramkrishna. How to Draw Cars – Marker Rendering and Digital Painting is a 2 Disc DVD set for those interested in getting into car design sketching and car design in general. Let’s face it, most of us have tried to […]

Autodesk University 2011

This year I was invited to attend Autodesk University as a presenter in the Creativity Lounge. It’s been an exciting trip so far, well as exciting as a flight, and quick check in goes! Tomorrow (the 29th) will be my first day on stage presenting to a (small) group of avid sketchers. My workshop is […]

I DRAW CARS Sketchbook & Reference Guide by Matt Marrocco & Adam Hubers — Kickstarter

Check it out – Here’s an interesting concept and project from Matt Marrocco and Adam Hubers. I’m a big fan of any sketching book that does a good job teaching the basics and I DRAW CARS seems to be no exception. I know many of you are interested in car design, and if you’re one […]

New Capacitive Stylus from Wacom

Just saw this little post on Apparently, Wacom has just released a BAMBOO stylus made for capacitive screen devices. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. If you were hoping to turn your favorite digital sketching platform in a pressure sensitive sketching machine, You’re out of luck. The sylus seems to add no additional […]

Sketch A Day Picks

It’s been a while since we posted sketches from our sister site, If you havent’s gone there, d check it out. Sketch-a-day was started as a personal project to keep the skills sharp by sketching every day. If you’ve watched my videos or seen me in person, you’ll know that I’m a BIG fan […]

Recycled Rubber Strap Pen Holder for Sketchbooks

If you love sketching, and you’re like me, then you might just be tempted to buy this AWESOME, yes AWESOME, accessory for that moleskine or other sketchbook you’ve been carrying around. This recycled rubber strap lets you take multiple pens and markers without much  added fuss. Not only that, but it looks like it helps keep […]