How To: Off-Road Vehicle Step 2

From Josh Reed:

In this first stage of revisions I really needed to understand what’s going on surface wise. I sketch without the roll cage so I could work my perspective in right. The rear wrap around gave me problems so I played with the styling on that a little.

The middle sketch was a quick pencil sketch I flipped and reworked from the back of my first sketch. Flipping a sketch over is good because it shows imperfections in perspective. Flipping a sketch upside down shows how static a image is, gestural lines speak louder then traced lines.
Remember when you rework a sketch and opt to sketch over your original don’t tighten up, stay lose its “Ok” to mess up you can always rework a sketch over and over.

The bottom sketch I added my roll cage in and added a couple construction lines where I didn’t understand how the surfaces move. You can see my rear end isn’t figured out graphic wise but I did chop in some interior and wheel wells.

Note there are still problems yet to revise but in this stage I focused on body surfacing and overall perspective. Tomorrow I will follow up with a tighter sketch aimed towards rendering.