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Video: Photoshop Rendering of a Creature

How to quickly render a sketch in photoshop

How to Render (Quickly) In Photoshop

A couple weeks ago I posted a sketch rendering of a PC Box on Luckily, I had recorded video of the sketching and rendering process and finally got around to laying in some audio and talking about the process. I’ll warn you though, It’s a little quick – okay it’s alot quick – and […]

Video Tutorial: Quickness Tips

This video follows the quick sketch/ideation of a cell phone concept as it goes from a quick sketch to concept composition page in the matter of minutes! Check it out and see about taking some easy shortcuts to get to a final sketch presentation page.

Video: Ballpoint Pen and Photoshop

I’m in love with Ballpoint pens, and to prove it, I’ve put together a video showing how I sketch with them, and as a bonus, how I bring them into photoshop for quick value renders. It moves a little quickly once I get into photoshop, but watch it a few times, and you should be […]

Video Tutorial: Ballpoint Pen + Marker Sketching

Check out this new video with tips on sketching with a ballpoint pen and markers. Ballpoint pens and markers can be tricky if you don’t have the right combination of ballpoint pen and type of marker. In this video, I also cover how to think about a more complex form in simpler terms to help […]

Video Tutorial: Simple Cutaway View

Sketches can be very effective communication tools. Take the cutaway view. Without it, I would have no idea that the inside of these spheres is green goo. A cutaway view of an object is one that shows the outer as well as inner features of a given design. The easy way to do one is […]

SLR Camera Sketch

Here at IDSKETCHING.COM, we love cameras, so much so that we decided to do a sketch demonstration featuring an SLR-ish camera. Done in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

Backpack Sketch

Quick backpack sketch done and presented using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. Using a pencil? The same technique applies to you.