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Earthbaked: Biodegradable footwear

I’m usually more than a little skeptical when I hear the words green, recyclable, sustainable and so on used to describe a product or its lifecycle. Earthbaked is a great idea by my buddy Steve Boynton, who actually introduced me to the field of Industrial Design. Earthbaked is an environmentally responsible shoe that is made […]

Design Modeling by Jude Pullen

Jude Pullen, an accomplished design modeler by trade who works for Dyson, yes THAT Dyson, is throwing a workshop on January 26th called “Geeklates”. Jude will be covering a variety of modeling techniques, including foam modeling, modeling with plastic sheeting, and modeling using cardboard, and believe me, the man can put together a wicked cardboard […]

Building a Concept Car

These videos are a bit long but they cover a good chunk of the design process. They take you from ideation to full scale concept car.  The host is a bit stiff but its a good introduction to car design…and the” all black” outfits upper management has to wear. :\ Enjoy!    

Thought @ Work Workshop at RIT | REGISTER NOW

The IDSA at RIT is hosting what promises to be a great workshop. It’s called Thought @ Work and features the likes of Jeff Smith, whose work you can find in the sketchbook section, Don Lehman, creator of the More/Real capacitive touch stylus which you may recognize from Kickstarter. Sign up and more information can […]

Vote in the HP ENVY Laptop Bag Competition

Out of over 340 entries, John Muhlenkamp, and Spencer Nugent’s designs were picked to be in the top 40 by a jury of designers. We both need your help to be placed in the top 5 by amassing as many votes as possible, so tell your friends, families and anyone to just vote. Take a […]

Review: Mobius Stylus for Capacitive Screens

I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to using the iPad, or another capacitive screened tablet, I rarely use it for serious work. in fact, I probably won’t ever use it for serious design work until there’s a wacom digitizer integrated into my iPad. Yes, I’m strictly an apple guy.  That being […]

More from the Master of Chicken Scratch

A few months back we did a small review on a book called “Masters of Chicken Scratch Vol.1” by Dwayne Vance. Dwayne is an amazing artist and he is releasing MOCS Vol. 2. Once we get the new book we’ll do a review, and true to his form I’m sure the content will be awesome and expansive. Until then here is some […]


Jean Henri Gaston Giraud also know by his more popular pseudonym of Moebius passed away in March. I didn’t really know much about him until i saw his artwork featured on the ConceptShip blog back in march. Since then, I have been enthralled with his life, artwork, and style. I have really enjoyed all the wonderful colors, unique line […]

New Creature Box Book!

If you don’t know about the CreatureBox then you should. Their content is always fresh, crazy unique, and they’re amazing artists. These guys are definitely in my top 10…especially since i have a thing for weird creatures and robots. They’re finally making a full fledged book and I’m way excited! Jump over to their site @ kickstarter and you can get the book, […]

Crazy white board artwork

This is pretty sweet and i wish this guy was my teacher in high school. Gregory Euclide created awesome murals during the 25 minutes he had for lunch. Apparently it started with him teaching his students what they could do in a short amount of time and then they got hooked. There are more images […]

Article: This Man Can’t Stop Innovating

Here is a wonderful article about design in a third world environment. Its not Sketching but for me its just as Inspirational. I love the fact that these stories are getting more face time in the media. I think, as designers, we usually aggrandize the crazy cool electronics/cars/footwear. They are cool but i usually feel that […]

Vote for John

Speaking of shoes, John Muhlenkamp, co-founder of IDSketching and my design partner, put together this sick shoe concept for PowerForce. Now, you may not have heard of PowerForce, and frankly wi didn’t before, but be sure to check out the link and vote for his concept. PowerForce put on this competition to help jumpstart their […]