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Recap: IDSKETCHING.COM at IDSA Western Conference

Yes I got married and on my honeymoon (with the permission of my lovely bride), represented for IDSKETCHING.COM at the IDSA Western Conference. Hosting the workshop was a fun experience and we had a good showing from students and professionals alike.

Quick Tip: Refresh and Reuse Those Old Markers

So . . . you’re a poor college student, starving artist, or another casualty of the raging recession. Markers aren’t getting any cheaper, the refill inks can be terribly expensive – so what do you do? The solution is rubbing alcohol

Marker Sketch Technique: Cylinder

See: Marker Tutorial: Cube Last week, I did  a quick sketch render of a cube. This week, we’ll take a look at a cylinder. If you ‘d like to follow along, simply download the cylinder sketch here and print it out. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can run some marker paper through the printer and […]

Video Tutorial: Pencil Sketch with Marker

We’ve been working hard at to provide updates with great content, and now we have a new video for you to enjoy and learn from.This video includes tips and help on how to sketch effectively with pencils on tracing paper when generating industrial design concepts. Also included are tips on marker application when sketching […]

Digital Canson quick and dirty

  See how to set up a quick and popular method for presenting your sketches. Learn how to create some drama through contrast and put together some quick hotness.

Robot Sketching

I love robots. You love robots, and better yet, if you’re reading this, you love sketching. Here’s my process on how to sketch and doodle your ideas digitally. My weapon of choice? Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk.

Ellipse Basics

Ellipses can be a pain. Watch this video to find out why and how to get perfect results by following some basic rules.

Sketching a box

Here are some basic tips on how to sketch in perspective using simple principles that go a long way when sketching more complex designs as well. Watch closely