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Book Review: Learning Curves 2011

I don’t typically write in depth reviews of anything, and this time will be no exception to that rule. As always, I’d like to sum up my general thoughts on the book. Learning Curves (2011), by Klara Sjölén, Erik Olofsson, and Allan Mcdonald, is the amazing follow-up to the highly popular Design Sketching (2005) book, […]

Video: Photoshop Rendering of a Creature

How to quickly render a sketch in photoshop

Video Quick Tip: Clean up your scans

Here’s a quick tip on cleaning up scanned sketches. After posting the most recent video featuring ballpoint pen and light photoshop, I received a few requests for a video or explanation of how to clean up a scanned sketch. I opted for a quick video showing how I do it. So take a look if […]