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Manufacturing Videos

I know this is a sketching site but…I manage the content. So, here is a range of “how things are made?” videos.  If these don’t do it for you and you were hoping for a cool sketch or inspiration then check out the robotic arms. They are seriously cool….and dont forget to “watch those fingers!”

4 Step Marker Sketch of a Bag

I’m to the point now where I don’t really think much about what I’m doing when I sketch something. With years of experience, I’ve gained the bad habit of sometimes not consciously breaking things down into tangible steps. Documenting each step during the sketch process can be very time consuming to say the least. It […]

Process while sketching

Everyone has their own way of doing things. I usually don’t think through my process while I am actually sketching a product or an idea. Things tend to flow naturally without much thought these days. I thought it would be good however to take a moment to document how I would sketch something like say […]

Pen Shootout Project

This week I had the chance to visit my old college and man was it fun. Of course, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop by the bookstore and check out the awesome selection of pens, paper, chalk and all the yummy goodness that any artist could want to get their grubby hands on. […]

How To: Car Sketch Interior With Josh Reed (Pt 3)

Ok in this section I photocopied my sketch and made a 2 inch x 3 inch copy of my sketch to pick a direction in which my light source will come from. I rendered it out some to get a feel for what I want my contrast to be. This mini sketch rendering will serve […]

How To: Car Sketch Interior With Josh Reed (Pt 2)

So at this point my perspective issue Is in check for the most part, but graphically things are disjointed. Now that I understand where things go and the thickness of objects, I can go back and start to relate areas with similar graphic break ups to make the sketch look more consistent and cohesive. I […]

How To: Car Sketch Interior With Josh Reed

So This week I decided to pick a interior sketch from my sketchbook. The main things  I battled with was perspective problems. Its natural to put a curve or jester to a line while you sketch. Gestural lines are great for sketchbooks but don’t translate well in technical drawings. I plan to convert my gestural […]