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More wicked Hot Rods by Dwayne Vance

Back in September Spencer reviewed the book “The Hot Rod Art Book – Masters of Chicken Scratch“. Its a great book and theres a second one on the way! If you havent had the chance to pick of Vol. 1 then i would definitley check this one out. It looks sweet and should provide hours […]

Creatures! Creatures! Creatures!

My two favorite things to doodle are spaceships and creatures. It’s always a toss up. Once I get bored with one, I go to the other…it’s a never ending cycle. Anyway, next to this my second favorite site, maybe it’s my first, is Dave and Greg are seriously amazing and their artwork is always inspirational. Check […]

Bizarre, wierd, and fricken sweet!

I’m always searching for more inspiration especially the stuff that gets my mind making new crazy connections. If you go for the same thing, or dont, tell us what you think of Allen Sutton. His style and topics are pretty intense. 😉

Inspiration: Unusual Combat Snowmobiles from Russia

via – English Russia Check out these sweet combat snowmobiles from Soviet Russia. Definitely some good inspiration here at the least.

Observational Sketching From the WORLD!

Here’s a very nice blog and community dedicated to Urban Sketching. The contributors are from all around the world and their styles are just as varied. Can you guess what are next sketch challenge is going to be?

Book Review: The Hot Rod Art Book – Masters of Chicken Scratch

The Hot Rod Art Book – Masters of Chicken Scratch is a book by Dwayne Vance – a graduate of Art Center College of design , a former designer at Hot Wheels, and now oner of his own company “Future Elements” – that showcases the artwork and technique of several insanely talented artists including John […]

Strandbeest – Inspiration

I saw these a while back in 2007 and some of you may have seen this before, however, I thought I’d share. Physicist and self titled Kinetic Sculptor Theo Jansen of creates stunning intricate wind powered “creatures” mecha, what have you. It’s mesmerizing watching them move and I find it inspiring. Love the detail and love […]

Robots, Robots, and more Robots

….Heading says it all. Click the image to check out some robotic destroyers!

The “box” has now been EXPLODED!

I really like drawing random stuff and just letting my mind go. Ive was looking for more inspiration for such an activity and I re-stumbled on to David Lanham. So over the past week i’ve been doodling  weird and crazy stuff everywhere…i think its getting out of hand. My wife has been giving me the look and […]

Simple but extremely effective

Drawing effective and simple figures for designs has always been a problem for me. So in a search for some help and inspiration, I found this guy. Update: His name is Joseph R Tomlinson (Thanks peeps) and this is his blog.  His work sometimes creeps me out a bit but his style is cool and full […]

Killer cut aways and so much more.

So…I’ve bet you’ve noticed things have been a bit…slow. We’ll thats going to change. Starting today we are going to have at least a weekly post. We are still going to post videos and things of the like but we will have some “other stuff” mixed in. So, to prime the design pump check out […]