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Book Announcement: Informality

As many of you know Andres Parada is a good friend of ours. We’ve hosted his work a few times and he has his own featured page in our Sketchbook section. Well, he now has a book of his own and its a 100+ pages of sweetness! The book is being sold through Blurb and […]

Article – CAD verses Sketching, Why Ask?

Spencer sent me this article and I liked it so much I sent it to every individual on my design team. Its a great read. I’m constantly running into interns and designers who are limiting their creativity, exploration of problem, and communication of a solution because a program wont let them do what they see in their mind, or they are to […]

Interview: Shujan Bertrand

It’s time we had some female representation up in here on! Shujan Bertrand has had extensive experience with a variety of design gigs over the years that have taken her all over the world. She has been extensively involved with the design scene in the San Francisco area over 10 years (mostly with Astro Studios), […]

Interview with illustrator Dave Habben

My good friend Dave Habben was kind enough to sit down with me for a few questions recently. I met Dave some time ago in San Francisco while he was working for Chronicle Books. One day, while sitting next to him at a meeting (not at Chronicle), I saw some of his great sketches in his […]