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Tee Shirts

For a limited time, I’ll be printing a short run of tee shirts. I’m doing them for me, but also thought, hey, maybe some people would want one of these. There’s an IDSKETCHING variant as well as Two Sketch-a-day variants as well. Prices will be listed soon, but if you’re interested, email me spencer [at] […]

New Design Blog – CHINA DESIGN HUB

My good friend and inspiration, Waikit Chung, has recently launched another website – CHINADESIGNHUB. Be sure to check it out and show your support for asian design. From the about section of the site: The main purpose of this site is to promote quality and original designs from China, by designers who work in China. […]

Book Review: Learning Curves 2011

I don’t typically write in depth reviews of anything, and this time will be no exception to that rule. As always, I’d like to sum up my general thoughts on the book. Learning Curves (2011), by Klara Sjölén, Erik Olofsson, and Allan Mcdonald, is the amazing follow-up to the highly popular Design Sketching (2005) book, […]

Article – CAD verses Sketching, Why Ask?

Spencer sent me this article and I liked it so much I sent it to every individual on my design team. Its a great read. I’m constantly running into interns and designers who are limiting their creativity, exploration of problem, and communication of a solution because a program wont let them do what they see in their mind, or they are to […]

Xstylus Review

Like sketching on your Tablet and want a nice Stylus? Check out our review after the break. Edit:Well, Elton made his goal and wanted to thank all those who contributed.

Photoshop for Apple iPad in Development

Well, well, well. This is VERY VERY exciting news. Now before you say, “Hey, I’ve seen this before. Just another photo editing app…”, take a look at this. Adobe has just revealed a version of photoshop in development for tablets and demoed said app on the Apple iPad. The demo was unveiled at the Photoshop […]

UIC Sketching Workshop

Recently I was invited to travel to Chicago to work with the students at UIC’s Industrial design program for a sketching workshop session. i always look forward to not only traveling, but to engaging with students and faculty in an effort to share what I know and love about sketching with those I can share. […]

Meet Nate

]A few of you may have noticed we have some more help here lately. Some call him chuck, chuckles, the beast, or simply Nate. He’s a good friend of mine from college, and Nate has offered to help out and take an active role here on the site. He’ll be helping out as a general […]

University of Louisiana, Lafayette Workshop Recap

A week or so ago, I had the opportunity to travel from California to Louisiana to work with the students at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette for an entire day. I’ve never been to Louisiana, but the people were warm and friendly, and there were good eats to be had all around. I must say, […]

Inspiring: Snowmobile Sketch Contest

I happened to check in on the fellas over at It has continued to be an on-going site of sketch inspiration and awesomeness! Right now they are featuring a sketch contest to create some hotness around snowmobiles. The person that creates the coolest snowmobile sketches will be featured in CARR magazine and have an […]

On Workshops

IDSA Boston @ MASS Art Recently I was invited by IDSA Boston to host a Visual Communication and Sketching workshop with local designers and students alike. I had a great time working with the crew there. Initially I was slated to go for only about 4 hours, but we were having so much fun, I […]

Itch`n for sketch`n?

Need a a topic to sketch, a little motivation, and want some feedback? Come join us in the forums. We’ve been reviving and revising the sketch competition and its killer. The past few weeks we covered boomboxes, external hard drives, flash lights, and an interesting convergence of coffee makers and gardens. Theres been some great work submitted and some great feedback given. […]