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Sketch-A-Day 37: Flowers

Pilot Hitec Pen on Bond Paper

Sketch-A-Day 36

20 mins – pencil + markers

Sketch-A-Day 35: Dongles

Pilot Hitec C, Prisma Markers, Bond Paper – 12mins

Sketch-A-Day 34: Dump Truck

Pilot Hitec .3mm, .4mm, Pencil, Prismacolor and Letraset Markers on Cheap Bond Paper

Sketch-A-Day 33: Headphone Scribbles

Pilot Fineliner + Prismacolor Marker + Chartpak AD Markers

Sketch-A-Day 32: Washers

Pilot HiTec C, Prismacolor Marker, Copic Marker

Sketch-A-Day 31

Sketch-A-Day 30

Moleskine – Pilot Hitec C

Sketch-A-Day 29: Toaster Doodles

Pilot Fineliner, Prismacolor and Copic Markers

Sketch-A-Day 28: Too much TV

Photoshop I think I watched too much of this cartoon called M.A.S.K. and other cartoons like Silverhawks when I was younger. Now I know where it comes from. I can’t stop drawing them!

Sketch-A-Day 27: APC

Prismacolor Markers + Pilot Hitec C

Sketch-A-Day 26

I decided to “paint” something today, and I use that word lightly. I am NOT an illustrator. Just having some light fun. Painter XI, Photoshop, Custom Brushes