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Doodles II

Sorry about the lack of posts. We have had a few technical difficulties with our servers and what not. Its been a pain. Anyway, here are few sketches I’ve done over the month or so. Hopefully you find them useful…and inspirational. If not let me know.

Rendering Challenge #2

Heeellloooo Rendering Challenge #2! Its not up yet, probably Friday ;), but while your waiting click past the break and you can check out a gallery of the past few challenges. The rendering challenge will follow the same method as last month. Ill post a sketch and you rendering it. On Friday ill be posting the sketch in the forums […]

Challenge Round up – Web Cams

We had another great challegne with a lot of participation. You can check out the gallery and a Re-sketch It after the break. For this next challenge we are going to do a 2 parter. The first week is sketching and the next week is rendering. The idea is to do some exploration and ideation […]

Itch’n for sketch’n?…not anymore!

We just featured a blog dedicated to Urban Sketching and in the spirit of those awesome images we decided to have an urban sketch challenge of our own. Over the past week some great work has been done and we are excited to see more! We have also done space stations and drones. And thank […]