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So recently, I decided to do some quick video posts on with a very handy camera rig that allows me to set up and record with my iPhone as the camera. Makes me wish I didn’t spend all that money on camera equipment in the past. I don’t have as much time as I […]

Video – Spaceship Sketching Exercise

It might be a bit loud…just warning you. Enjoy! Spaceship Sketching Exercise from Industrial Design Sketching.

Mr. Imagination…

These videos are a bit idealistic…and sales driven. But there are some great points and reminders on how to design products with sustainability in mind.( It’s nice exciting to see more companies focus on this.) However, im ultimately posting them for the sketches. “Mr. Imagination” does a pretty good job about communicating complex ideas with simple visual elements. (portfolio […]

Video: Part 2 of camera sketch – Finishing Up

IDSKETCHING.COM: Camera Sketch Part 2 from Industrial Design Sketching on Vimeo. In part two of the camera sketch series, we go over pencil sketch, layout, notes, and marker application to finish things off. I know guys. This took a while to get up here, but I finally got around to getting the audio all done. For […]

Video: Part 1 of camera sketch – roughing it out

I know, I know. It’s been a while right?  No videos, no updates etc etc. I’ve had my hands in a few things lately and needless to say, I’v e been SUPER busy. I have some good plans for the site though– a way to simplify things if you will (more on that later, as […]

Video: Photoshop Rendering of a Creature

How to quickly render a sketch in photoshop

How to Sketch With Contour Lines

Video tutorial on how to sketch form quickly using simple contour lines.

How to Render (Quickly) In Photoshop

A couple weeks ago I posted a sketch rendering of a PC Box on Luckily, I had recorded video of the sketching and rendering process and finally got around to laying in some audio and talking about the process. I’ll warn you though, It’s a little quick – okay it’s alot quick – and […]

Video Tutorial: Quickness Tips

This video follows the quick sketch/ideation of a cell phone concept as it goes from a quick sketch to concept composition page in the matter of minutes! Check it out and see about taking some easy shortcuts to get to a final sketch presentation page.

Video Tutorial: How to Show Transparency with Markers

After a few requests, I put together this video on how I do I transparency with markers. See the finished result after the break.

Video: Surface Finishes With Markers

After a few requests from several of you, I’ve put together a small video covering some surface finish simple techniques with prismacolor markers. It’s another cube (yay!), but the principles carry over to product sketching. I may do another video on curvilinear reflections in the near future. Just keep bugging me. Here’s the final image […]

Video: Primitives 2

Part two of the videos showing primitive combination. In this video, I go over a marker rendering of a gas tank made up of primitives. (pardon the lighting)