If you’re like most people that come to the site, you’ve undoubtedly benefitted from the content here. When we started out, we promised the content site would always be free and it is. Why? because we love sketching and we love helping others. But the reality is there is a piper and he has to get paid sometime. I’m not the piper. The hosting services for the video and the website are the pipers. Get it? We’re not making any money from your donations.

So if you feel you have it in you to skip a meal, give up a drink during happy hour, or that movie ticket to some lame summer movie, then donate a small amount to IDSKETCHING.COM to help us keep the dream alive and running. Use the form in the sidebar to the right to donate an amount of your choosing or the suggested amount.


Think of it this way, if you had to buy a book or videos with all this content, how much would you pay (if you’re not sure, check out the gnomon workshop)

Thanks for all you that are regulars. be sure to spread the word and help keep the site alive and kicking.