Si Scott Drawings…oh the vinyl possibilities!

You guy and gals really need to check out these amazing illustrations by Si Scott Studios. Ive seen them before but just came across them again. I really would like to get a vector file of the gold fish and cut it out of vinyl so it will cover 1/3rd of my bedroom wall. That would me SWEET!

You can check out some lower res versions here but if you want the biggies just hop over to the company site and browse the work section.


  • Headplow

    Really nice work! Excellent style and very original. Would make a cool vinyl application but I couldn’t imagine being the one who had to weed this vinyl. Sheesh.

  • Ronakyle

    Nice! How did you do that? I like the love bird. You wouldn’t notice the bird shape until you take a closer look

    R.Kyle Product Design Company

  • rocky rathore

    really nice work…… amazing flow……….great

    rocky rathore automobile designer

  • kiran mai

    Amazing Scott drawing. I see for the first time these wonderful Scott drawing. I never seen these any where. Nice mouse and cute bird. Thanks for posting here.