Friday Favorites: Selections from the Internets

It’s always inspiring to me how much good work there is out there, and certainly Coroflot’s a good place to look for inspiration amidst the many portfolios out there. I’m always learning and inspired by the awesomeness some people come up with. Here are a few links to three of my favorite finds on Coroflot.

Casey Swanseger –

I’d heard about Casey some time ago, and really admired the tautness of his lines, dynamic sketch style, and awesome understanding of light. If you haven’t seen his work before, check out the rest of his work here on coroflot.

Aaron Hughes –

I worked with Aaron a while back while I was at Astro Studios in San Francisco. In fact, as an intern there, he really inspired me to push myself to be much better at my craft. Well I’m happy to report that he still is the master IMO, and I love the fast and loose style of his work. There’s just something so energetic about it, and you can tell he’s having fun. So check out his portfolio as well on Coroflot.

Sam Brown –

I don’t know Sam, but I stumbled onto some of his work via a blog or twitter I think. Hard to say. In any case, I was SUPER impressed. Most of you know I love robots, and Sam happens to work for Massive Black in San Francisco doing just that – designing concept robots. He’s posted some of his fantastic work on Coroflot, and man is it inspiring. Check it out here.

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