Kickstarter Project: MORE/REAL Stylus

I really love the idea behind this stylus for capacitive touch screens. the MORE/REAL Stylus uses the existing body of your favorite and familiar pens with a capacitive cap to give you a familiar feeling while sketching. I’m really looking forward to more thoroughly using these. I supported the project – Check it out and support this project if you have the means, and are excited about the idea as well. Good luck Don!

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  • Pentagramkeeper

    Ummm… It says ‘video not found’

  • Bob

    seems like you could get it mixed up with the real pen and draw on your ipad by accident

  • tempo

    i want one of those


    buy a ASUS B121 like me

    Gorilla glass
    Wacom technology
    Wacom Stylus
    Full Windows functionallities
    Photoshop, skechbook….

    Better option tan a simple iPad…