Photoshop for Apple iPad in Development

Well, well, well. This is VERY VERY exciting news. Now before you say, “Hey, I’ve seen this before. Just another photo editing app…”, take a look at this. Adobe has just revealed a version of photoshop in development for tablets and demoed said app on the Apple iPad. The demo was unveiled at the Photoshop World 2011 Keynote address. Pretty exciting stuff considering the iPad has long been said to be a content consumption, rather than creation device. I for one am excited to see what coming hardware improvements will mean for tablets and their capabilities when it comes to content creation as a designer.

Apple, if you’re listening, which I highly doubt, a pressure sensitive input solution would be fantastic for the iPad.

Via and Photography Bay

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  • Ricod_2

    I’m following this development closely as I at the moment have a convertable table and while it works really good, it isn’t really suitable for sketching while commuting with the train. The HTC scribe is the most appealing, the only thing holding me back is th screen size. Why won’t the industry just get in touch with WACOM or similar to produce a tablet with pressure sensitive stylus and a 10″ -ish form factor..

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