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So recently, I decided to do some quick video posts on with a very handy camera rig that allows me to set up and record with my iPhone as the camera. Makes me wish I didn’t spend all that money on camera equipment in the past.

I don’t have as much time as I used to to make, edit, and record audio for videos, so this works out great. I just need to get an actual idsketching video up as well.

Check it out here, and if you like what you see, hop on over to, the sketch-a-day Facebook page or subscribe to the youtube channel.


Video – Spaceship Sketching Exercise

It might be a bit loud…just warning you. :) Enjoy!

Spaceship Sketching Exercise from Industrial Design Sketching.

More Wacom? Intuos 5 better than Intuos 4

I have a Intuos 3 and 4. My 3 is pretty hashed since i took it apart to see if I could build a DIY Cintiq… But my 4 is terrific i love everything about it. The surfacing, finishes, functionality. Its perfect…and i just got it about two months ago. Bummer. So for those of you who have a 4(or 3) do you think this is an improvement or did they take a step back? You can check out the full review at the engadget.

Wacom announces Intuos5 pen tablets, we go hands-on!

Article – CAD verses Sketching, Why Ask?

Spencer sent me this article and I liked it so much I sent it to every individual on my design team. Its a great read. I’m constantly running into interns and designers who are limiting their creativity, exploration of problem, and communication of a solution because a program wont let them do what they see in their mind, or they are to so afraid of a program they take shortcuts and their designs never measure up.

“…design students tend to take a more constrained and fixated approach to their design activity. Their use of CAD tools only compounded a pre-existing tendency towards attachment to concept and fixation. This approach influences the ways in which students approached design activity and tool use. A tendency to fixate reflects the students’ lack of confidence in their own design ability derived from a limited understanding of why and how design tools are used.” – Dr. James Self

I think this is an excellent reminder that CAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketching, etc.. are all tools for us to use. If we want to use them effectively and correctly we have to become confident and comfortable with them. A new tool is like a brand new leather jacket its rough, stiff, uncomfortable to wear until its tried on and worn for a while. So…Keep practicing, try something new, branch out and explore a new tool.  It’ll make you a better designer.




Sketch-A-Day Video Post

9 minute sketch page, sped up to 4 minutes. Recorded on iPhone 4 withTripod mount attachments. Liking the new system, but pardon me while I dust off the equipment and grease the elbows. Be sure to visit for more sketch content.

Rendering Exercise – Spaceships

I’ve been in a funk lately. Doing the same thing over and over. Sketching the same way, looking at things the same way. I hate getting stagnant. So, in an effort to change I’ve been doing these. Each one took roughly between 7 & 15min. These arent the greatest and ive seen concept artist do them faster and cleaner, but its been fun and it’s a great exercise.

In the next week or two I’m going to throw up a  video showing a few of these. (If I have enough time Ill clean one up and add some detail) Keep your eyes peeled!

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Mr. Imagination…

These videos are a bit idealistic…and sales driven. But there are some great points and reminders on how to design products with sustainability in mind.( It’s nice exciting to see more companies focus on this.) However, im ultimately posting them for the sketches. “Mr. Imagination” does a pretty good job about communicating complex ideas with simple visual elements. (portfolio fodder!) You can see more at Autodesk Edu.

Not Too Shabby Chip!

Chip foose throws down some old school hotness for a vw golf sketch.

Almost Awesome . . . Right . . .

Don’t let the web address fool you – – is the website of Interior Automotive Designer Josh Reed. I worked with Josh at GM back in 2007 and his work is really exciting and inspiring. I really love his sketch style. If you’re looking for some fresh inspiration or a ice in the pants, be sure to check out his  (soon to be daily) sketch blog!

One step closer . . .

So I’ve had this dream for some time now of writing a textbook or guide or some kind of reference guide for my way of sketching. Coming up with a  path to that dream has been pretty confusing. Publishing isn’t something I am used to, comfortable with or have any idea about. Enter Apple.

I love apple products, always have. I was surprised to see this morning that apple has announced a product that brings me one step closer to my dream of encapsulating and sharing knowledge with you guys in the form of a book. iBooks author is Apple’s new FREE, yes FREE, tool for authoring rich content eBooks that can then be distributed on their platform. Granted, the format would be limited to iOS users, but the idea of having a rich content eBook for sketching has gotten me really excited.

So with that, I’m taking the first step on my path to composing a sketching reference book. I can’t promise constant updates on the project, but as I do make progress and have something I like, I’ll be happy to share. I’m really excited about how this really puts a powerful publishing tool in the average man’s hands.

Kickstarter: How to Draw Cars – Marker Rendering and Digital Painting

It’s already funded, but check How to Draw Cars – Marker Rendering and Digital Painting by Arvind Ramkrishna. How to Draw Cars – Marker Rendering and Digital Painting is a 2 Disc DVD set for those interested in getting into car design sketching and car design in general. Let’s face it, most of us have tried to sketch a car at least once, or maybe you once dreamed of being a car designer. Either way, How to Draw Cars – Marker Rendering and Digital Painting, seems to be a good deal and a good starting point for anyone looking to sharpen up their design sketching skills.

Not only does the kickstarter deal come with the awesome dvd’s, but Arvind is also throwing in a 20 page reference book for quick tips on proportion, lines, and value shading.

Arvind is no stranger to the car design industry in Michigan. Be sure to check out the following links for more info and support this educational product!


HTDCN Website:

My blog:


Doodles II

Sorry about the lack of posts. We have had a few technical difficulties with our servers and what not. Its been a pain.

Anyway, here are few sketches I’ve done over the month or so. Hopefully you find them useful…and inspirational. If not let me know. :)

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