New Capacitive Stylus from Wacom

Just saw this little post on Apparently, Wacom has just released a BAMBOO stylus made for capacitive screen devices. Don’t get your hopes up just yet. If you were hoping to turn your favorite digital sketching platform in a pressure sensitive sketching machine, You’re out of luck. The sylus seems to add no additional capability to existing devices to detect pressure sensitivity to give you sexy lines when sketching. So for now, you’ll have to fake it. I’m holding out for the MORE/REAL Stylus I pitching in for over at kickstarter. If anyone picks one of these up, send us a review and we’ll throw up some insight.  Oh, and if you don’t have an iPad, the pen should work on pretty much any capacitive touch screen.

Wacom announces capacitive stylus to replace puny human fingers — Engadget.

Rendering Challenge #2

Heeellloooo Rendering Challenge #2! Its not up yet, probably Friday ;), but while your waiting click past the break and you can check out a gallery of the past few challenges.

The rendering challenge will follow the same method as last month. Ill post a sketch and you rendering it. On Friday ill be posting the sketch in the forums and updating this post so keep a look out.

Edit: As promised Here are the files for this weeks challenge.

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Sketch A Day Picks

It’s been a while since we posted sketches from our sister site, If you havent’s gone there, d check it out. Sketch-a-day was started as a personal project to keep the skills sharp by sketching every day. If you’ve watched my videos or seen me in person, you’ll know that I’m a BIG fan of sketching every day. Nothing beats consistent practice and exploration. That said, life throws curveballs at you, and try as I may, sometimes I miss a day, or two, or a week. That doesn’t mean I’m not sketching though. usually I have my head buried in a project with a client or have some family business to take care of. In any case, I try. That’s the key.

Here are a few of my favorite sketches that I’ve had fun doing over the last few weeks and beyond. Click the image or click beyond the fold for the gallery of picks.

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More wicked Hot Rods by Dwayne Vance

Back in September Spencer reviewed the book “The Hot Rod Art Book – Masters of Chicken Scratch“. Its a great book and theres a second one on the way! If you havent had the chance to pick of Vol. 1 then i would definitley check this one out. It looks sweet and should provide hours of inspiration!

You can check out the full article at Core77.

For those waiting for the next challenge to start…sorry 😉 I’m a day behind and just trying to get back into the swing of things after the kid. Stay tuned! It should be up tomorrow.

Recycled Rubber Strap Pen Holder for Sketchbooks

If you love sketching, and you’re like me, then you might just be tempted to buy this AWESOME, yes AWESOME, accessory for that moleskine or other sketchbook you’ve been carrying around. This recycled rubber strap lets you take multiple pens and markers without much  added fuss. Not only that, but it looks like it helps keep the moleskine or other book together. Personally, I just stuff a pen or two in my pocket and take them where I go. This, however, is pretty awesome I think. I might just have to pick one up today!

Via Etsy – Journal Bandolier recycled rubber keep track of by cleverhands.

Video: Part 2 of camera sketch – Finishing Up

IDSKETCHING.COM: Camera Sketch Part 2 from Industrial Design Sketching on Vimeo.

In part two of the camera sketch series, we go over pencil sketch, layout, notes, and marker application to finish things off. I know guys. This took a while to get up here, but I finally got around to getting the audio all done.

For reference, here’s part one of the video –

Photoshop for Apple iPad in Development

Well, well, well. This is VERY VERY exciting news. Now before you say, “Hey, I’ve seen this before. Just another photo editing app…”, take a look at this. Adobe has just revealed a version of photoshop in development for tablets and demoed said app on the Apple iPad. The demo was unveiled at the Photoshop World 2011 Keynote address. Pretty exciting stuff considering the iPad has long been said to be a content consumption, rather than creation device. I for one am excited to see what coming hardware improvements will mean for tablets and their capabilities when it comes to content creation as a designer.

Apple, if you’re listening, which I highly doubt, a pressure sensitive input solution would be fantastic for the iPad.

Via and Photography Bay

4 Step Marker Sketch of a Bag

I’m to the point now where I don’t really think much about what I’m doing when I sketch something. With years of experience, I’ve gained the bad habit of sometimes not consciously breaking things down into tangible steps. Documenting each step during the sketch process can be very time consuming to say the least. It goes something like this – scan, sketch a little, scan, sketch a little and so on. Then, once I have a bunch of scanned images, I process and pick the most important steps along the way to show.

For this sketch, I used a pilot fineliner, copic and prismacolor markers, prismacolor pencil, and used adobe photoshop for some light touchup here and there. I even whipped out the ol’ air can for some light airbrushing of the shadow cores by hand. It’s been many years since I used one of those air cans, but it was really really fun to whip out some of those old school tools again for a change. I think it’s important to get in touch with reality sometimes and sketch confidently on a piece of paper. I love it. No control Z, just pure sketch. Maybe next time I’ll use some chalk, guache or even ink washes for my next sketch.

Read on for more details and the step by step images.

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Creatures! Creatures! Creatures!

My two favorite things to doodle are spaceships and creatures. It’s always a toss up. Once I get bored with one, I go to the other…it’s a never ending cycle.

Anyway, next to this my second favorite site, maybe it’s my first, is Dave and Greg are seriously amazing and their artwork is always inspirational. Check them out and you wont be let down!

Source and Copyright:

Challenge Round up – Web Cams

We had another great challegne with a lot of participation. You can check out the gallery and a Re-sketch It after the break.

For this next challenge we are going to do a 2 parter. The first week is sketching and the next week is rendering. The idea is to do some exploration and ideation and then pick your best sketch, refine it, and then render it up. Practice makes perfect.

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NY Mondrian Soho Sketches

Check these out. Original sketches of the interior.

Courtesy of

Weekly Challenge #21 – Webcams

Another challenge finished and closed and another beginning. This next week we are sketching webcams.

As for the Re-Sketch for last week here you go. The original was done by MarcShark and youll be able to find it after the break along with all the other great submissions. Thanks to all those who participated! Now onto the webcams.

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