Observational Sketching From the WORLD!

Here’s a very nice blog and community dedicated to Urban Sketching. The contributors are from all around the world and their styles are just as varied.

Can you guess what are next sketch challenge is going to be? :)

Video: Photoshop Rendering of a Creature

It’s no secret that I love sketching robots, especially on sketch-a-day.com, however, I rarely color them up. I thought I’d give it a go this time around and use some of the same principles that I use when rendering products.

This video covers about 40 minutes of render time that it took to complete the sketch render here. Don’t worry, it’s only about 20 minutes long, and hopefully it’ll be worth your time. Take a peek and if you like it, leave a comment below. If you have questions, feel free to email me at questions – at – idsketching.com

Click read more to see the final sketch –

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Book Review: The Hot Rod Art Book – Masters of Chicken Scratch

The Hot Rod Art Book – Masters of Chicken Scratch is a book by Dwayne Vance – a graduate of Art Center College of design , a former designer at Hot Wheels, and now oner of his own company “Future Elements” – that showcases the artwork and technique of several insanely talented artists including John Bell, who we interviewed a while back on the site. It’s an inspiring look at Hot Rods, Planes, and Concept Art and is full of flare, flash and some throwback techniques. The book also showcases a good blend of digital and new media.

I quite enjoyed flipping through the pages as not only does it showcase finished juicy renders using pastel, chalk marker, you name it, but it also shows process and development, or chicken scratch if you will.

Feeling inspired, I tried to bang out one of my own vehicles. A little hacked together IMO, but not too shabby for a first attempt.

In any case, check out the book. It’s well worth the 39.99 and also comes with a bonus jam packed DVD. Highly recommended.

For the digitally inclined, there’s also an iPad/iPhone app version of all the content. pretty handy if you’re like me and have one of the i-devices with you most of the time.

You can find the book here at Amazon.com or at Masters of Chicken Scratch the website.

Strandbeest – Inspiration

I saw these a while back in 2007 and some of you may have seen this before, however, I thought I’d share. Physicist and self titled Kinetic Sculptor Theo Jansen of strandbeest.com creates stunning intricate wind powered “creatures” mecha, what have you. It’s mesmerizing watching them move and I find it inspiring. Love the detail and love the flow. What do you think?

Suffering from a pen addiction?

I’m always looking for a new pen to experiment with or call my favorite….for a week. If you do the same or want some info on finding the pen then go and check out the Pen Addict.

Pens Pens Pens

HMS 2010 Design Competition

I love a good competition and this one is certainly no exception – HMS is putting on an awesome design competition starting today. HMS may not seem like a common household name, but their products are certainly out and about. A leader in home storage and container solutions, they have produced many stellar storage solutions for Hefty and Home Logic.

Their 2010 design competition challenges you to come up with and create new, exciting, and well thought out storage solutions for the future apartment or home of the year 2020. So put on your thinking hats and get cracking. There are plenty of opportunities for cool and exciting ideas. This is of course not solely a sketching competition, and as such, it’ll be up to you to present your designs in a way that effectively communicate your design intent and the products innovative story. You can of course use their handly template as a guide, but I’m sure a little creativity on your part would go a long way.

Prizes include –

1. A 16GB WiFi enabled iPad

2. 64 GB iPod Touch

3. 8 GB iPod Touch

The competition ends October 5th, so you’ll need to hustle on this one. You can submit as many entries as you like as well. If you have questions, check out the handy FAQ and read more for the official brief –

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Robots, Robots, and more Robots

….Heading says it all. Click the image to check out some robotic destroyers!

A Collection Blog of Robots

The “box” has now been EXPLODED!

I really like drawing random stuff and just letting my mind go. Ive was looking for more inspiration for such an activity and I re-stumbled on to David Lanham. So over the past week i’ve been doodling  weird and crazy stuff everywhere…i think its getting out of hand. My wife has been giving me the look and I think shes about to do something she might regret. Enjoy!


Itch`n for sketch`n?

Need a a topic to sketch, a little motivation, and want some feedback? Come join us in the forums. We’ve been reviving and revising the sketch competition and its killer. The past few weeks we covered boomboxes, external hard drives, flash lights, and an interesting convergence of coffee makers and gardens. Theres been some great work submitted and some great feedback given. Check out the submissions here.

Simple but extremely effective

Drawing effective and simple figures for designs has always been a problem for me. So in a search for some help and inspiration, I found this guy. Update: His name is Joseph R Tomlinson (Thanks peeps) and this is his blog.  His work sometimes creeps me out a bit but his style is cool and full of simple pen and marker drawings.

Copyright Joseph's Art Blog

Anyone doing a design project centered around the homeless?

Killer cut aways and so much more.

So…I’ve bet you’ve noticed things have been a bit…slow. We’ll thats going to change. Starting today we are going to have at least a weekly post. We are still going to post videos and things of the like but we will have some “other stuff” mixed in. So, to prime the design pump check out this amazing work done by Beau Daniels. A bit of the old school mixed with the new.

3D Sketching on a 2D Surface

Here’s an interesting concept from MIT’s media lab called “Beyond”. The sketches are pretty low fi, but the concept it downright interesting.The system uses a collapsible pen to essentially extrude or punch into the third dimension on the two dimensional surface. It’d be cool to see this with more resolution, refinement, pressure sensitivity, and all the bells and whistles. In any case, it’s worth a gander.

Beyond – Collapsible Input Device for Direct 3D Manipulation beyond the Screen from Jinha Lee on Vimeo.

Designboom via Gizmodo