Sketch A Day Picks

It’s been a while since we posted sketches from our sister site, If you havent’s gone there, d check it out. Sketch-a-day was started as a personal project to keep the skills sharp by sketching every day. If you’ve watched my videos or seen me in person, you’ll know that I’m a BIG fan of sketching every day. Nothing beats consistent practice and exploration. That said, life throws curveballs at you, and try as I may, sometimes I miss a day, or two, or a week. That doesn’t mean I’m not sketching though. usually I have my head buried in a project with a client or have some family business to take care of. In any case, I try. That’s the key.

Here are a few of my favorite sketches that I’ve had fun doing over the last few weeks and beyond. Click the image or click beyond the fold for the gallery of picks.

  • Zhang