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Old School Viscom by Jason White

Old School Viscom by Jason White

Inspiring: Snowmobile Sketch Contest

I happened to check in on the fellas over at It has continued to be an on-going site of sketch inspiration and awesomeness! Right now they are featuring a sketch contest to create some hotness around snowmobiles. The person that creates the coolest snowmobile sketches will be featured in CARR magazine and have an […]

Friday Favorites: Selections from the Internets

It’s always inspiring to me how much good work there is out there, and certainly Coroflot’s a good place to look for inspiration amidst the many portfolios out there. I’m always learning and inspired by the awesomeness some people come up with. Here are a few links to three of my favorite finds on Coroflot. […]

Kamaz Competition

Well the Kamaz Competition over at is nearly dunzo. If you are participating, I think there might be a few hours left to upload your work still. I thought I’d post some of the work I did for it here for all to see. I wish I would have spent more time on it […]

Video Tutorial: Pencil Sketching

As promised, a new video for you to check out. I tried to focus on just pencils in this one rather than getting into marker. We have a couple more car videos coming, but mind you, we’re not car designers. Just so happens we got on a car kick for a bit… As always, experiment […]

Video Tutorial: Quick Thumbnailing

Here is a little video I prepared for a quick gestural type of sketching that is good for an ideation process. This type of sketching works well for me when I need to sketch something more complex. It allows you to cheat a bit by just sort of indicating where things may go without having […]

Review: SketchBook Pro 2010

I spent a few hours this weekend playing around with my brand new copy of Autodesk’s new SketcBook Pro 2010. We had reported the announcement of it’s release a while back and now it’s here! For your delight, I will be providing a video reveiw of new and improved features this week. For those interested, […]

News: Mercedes SLR sketches

Who doesn’t like looking at juicy car sketches right? These very cool emotional sketches of the new Mercedes-Benz SLR were released today and they are quite nice! The newest and last SLR being produced by Mercedes does not dissapoint! You can tell the designer was making vroom vroom noises as he penned these out…check out […]

Interview: Rob Jensen, Ford Design

While most of you may not have heard of Rob Jensen, most of you have heard of Ford, and the Ford Mustang. Rob, the Detroit based Ford designer has most recently worked on the development of the Ford Mustang GT500 (Awesome car and design by the way) and has been involved in several key projects […]