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Wacom’s Tablet-less Pen

Ready for a new Wacom product? I am. They just release a new “real” pen that will record and transfer your wonderful sketches to the computer…kinda like a livescribe for artist. Sounds fun. I just hope the pen part last long enough so i’m not shelling out a fortune for replacement cartridges that only last a day. […]

Video Tutorial: Pencil Sketching

As promised, a new video for you to check out. I tried to focus on just pencils in this one rather than getting into marker. We have a couple more car videos coming, but mind you, we’re not car designers. Just so happens we got on a car kick for a bit… As always, experiment […]

Video Tutorial: Quick Thumbnailing

Here is a little video I prepared for a quick gestural type of sketching that is good for an ideation process. This type of sketching works well for me when I need to sketch something more complex. It allows you to cheat a bit by just sort of indicating where things may go without having […]

Recap: IDSKETCHING.COM at IDSA Western Conference

Yes I got married and on my honeymoon (with the permission of my lovely bride), represented for IDSKETCHING.COM at the IDSA Western Conference. Hosting the workshop was a fun experience and we had a good showing from students and professionals alike.

Toolbox: Marker and Pen Cases

When looking for cases to hold all of your expensive pens and markers there are endless options out there. If you are in school, you are probably one of the many id students who hoard whatever nice juicy marker or pen you can get ahold of and hope it lasts a really long time! But […]

Marker Sketch Technique: Cylinder

See: Marker Tutorial: Cube Last week, I did  a quick sketch render of a cube. This week, we’ll take a look at a cylinder. If you ‘d like to follow along, simply download the cylinder sketch here and print it out. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can run some marker paper through the printer and […]

Toolbox: Basic Marker Cube

Alot of people have been asking for this, so i finally decided to do it . . .  but this time in step-by-step style without the video. Go easy on me. If something isn’t terribly clear, feel free to email us or comment and we’ll update this post to make it water tight. First off, […]

Toolbox: Levels of Sketching

I’ve met alot of designers in my limited experience that complain about the “sketchers”. Sometimes designers with an aptitude for sketching get labeled as being shallow or non-creative. However, I see sketching as a means to and ends rather than the end all. When all is said and done, regardless of how flashy the sketch may be or how killer it may look, the essence of why we sketch ideas as designers is seeded in effectively communicating those ideas to our clients. Sketching is our language of communication.

Toolbox: Sketchbooks and why they matter

So, I sketch on the train. Yes, I am THAT guy. The one you think is looking at you, but you’re not really sure about it . . . Yep, the guy with the sketchbook. I take my sketchbook most places I go. Why you ask . . . well it’s really simple. I love […]

Video Tutorial: Basic Marker Technique

Some basic tips on marker application and usage. They’ll go a long way if you pay close attention.

Kiosk Sketch Demo

Check out this new fresh to death sketch of a kiosk. We show you how to add people to your sketches, work with grey marker and felt pens, and also using a background to pop and give context.

Digital Canson quick and dirty

  See how to set up a quick and popular method for presenting your sketches. Learn how to create some drama through contrast and put together some quick hotness.