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Inspiring: Snowmobile Sketch Contest

I happened to check in on the fellas over at It has continued to be an on-going site of sketch inspiration and awesomeness! Right now they are featuring a sketch contest to create some hotness around snowmobiles. The person that creates the coolest snowmobile sketches will be featured in CARR magazine and have an […]

And the winner is . . .

Congratulations to Steve Casper! (Headplow) on winning this summer’s Sketch/Design Challenge. Our runner ups are Steve Boynton and Churu Yun, who each will be receiving a copy of Sketchbook Pro. Special thanks to Wacom technologies and Autodesk for Sponsoring this competition. Steve will be receiving a Wacom Intuous4 tablet as his prize. First Place […]

72hr kit Competition Over

Thanks for all the awesome entries for the competition. It’ll be some fierce judging for sure. Once the judging has taken place, we’ll post ALL the work winners and non winners to the front page of the site. There was some good effort by many people. We’ll try to have more competitions in the future […]

Sketch competition on CORE 77

Our friends over at Core 77 are sponsoring a one hour design competition based on ideation sketching. They want to see the most sketches you can possibly crank out on the topic of your choice in 60 minutes. This would be a great way to get some summer practice in before school is back in […]

Sketch/Design Competition: 72 Hour Survival Kit

Scenario – Imagine being stranded after a major disaster in a major city. Most of the city’s power is out, the water is undrinkable and food is scarce. As we’ve learned in the last few years from many a sad sad experience, most people just aren’t prepared for conditions following a natural or otherwise major […]

The Human Head

So we have been noticing a lot of work popping up on the forum for the competition! One of the things we also noticed was that some of the “head sketches” showing off the product need a little love. I know first hand that people can be very intimidating to sketch! So here is a […]

KAMAZ competition

So if you are into entering lots of cool competitions, enter the headphone one here! …and then go check out what and have been up to. They have a KAMAZ Dakar 2022 truck design contest that just started today! I have been watching some KAMAZ video footage on Youtube and I’m definitely going […]

Competition: Headphone Sketch Madness!

Ok here is your chance! We are calling all entries for our second sketch competition here at The theme for this competition is “headphones.” We want you to do up your best sketch technique showing off your skills (digital or analog). Here are the rules and how to enter… 1. Sketches must be original work. […]

News: LG Design Competition

We got tipped on this killer competition, perfect for all you sketch monkeys out there! It’s being put on by LG and sponsored by Autodesk and has some killer prizes – no joke. Check out the details below or visit their website. I think it’s worth taking a  look for over 80K in prizes. This […]