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Concept Art – Charles Liu

Here’s a blog full of ¬†wonderful artwork by concept artist Charles Liu. ¬†Enjoy and keep sketching!

Sketch-A-Day 31

Sketch-A-Day 26

I decided to “paint” something today, and I use that word lightly. I am NOT an illustrator. Just having some light fun. Painter XI, Photoshop, Custom Brushes

Sketch-A-Day 21: Transport Ship

Painter XI, Custom Brushes

Inspiration of the week: James Clyne’s folio

I am always interested in seeing amazing sketches and art from wherever they might come. Here are some awe-inspiring concepts from the portfolio of James Clyne. Click on the link and check out art from cool blockbuster movies such as X-men, Minority Report, Transformers, Star Trek and more! Enjoy!