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With spring comes the busy season so the only time I have to draw is either really late at night or during really really really boring meetings, which there hasn’t been to many of ;). However, I always make sure i’m sketching. It gives me a break and lets my mind relax while my hand does all […]

Interview with illustrator Dave Habben

My good friend Dave Habben was kind enough to sit down with me for a few questions recently. I met Dave some time ago in San Francisco while he was working for Chronicle Books. One day, while sitting next to him at a meeting (not at Chronicle), I saw some of his great sketches in his […]

Kamaz Competition

Well the Kamaz Competition over at is nearly dunzo. If you are participating, I think there might be a few hours left to upload your work still. I thought I’d post some of the work I did for it here for all to see. I wish I would have spent more time on it […]

News: Mercedes SLR sketches

Who doesn’t like looking at juicy car sketches right? These very cool emotional sketches of the new Mercedes-Benz SLR were released today and they are quite nice! The newest and last SLR being produced by Mercedes does not dissapoint! You can tell the designer was making vroom vroom noises as he penned these out…check out […]

Sketchbook Update: Andres Parada

Andres Parada is at it again. We’re glad to have him on board and are excited to show off some more sketches that he’s added to the sketchbook section. He’s provided us with some exciting sketches as well as illustrations to add to the sketchbook. be sure to leave a comment on the site or […]