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Old School Viscom by Jason White

Old School Viscom by Jason White

Interview: Shujan Bertrand

It’s time we had some female representation up in here on! Shujan Bertrand has had extensive experience with a variety of design gigs over the years that have taken her all over the world. She has been extensively involved with the design scene in the San Francisco area over 10 years (mostly with Astro Studios), […]

Interview with illustrator Dave Habben

My good friend Dave Habben was kind enough to sit down with me for a few questions recently. I met Dave some time ago in San Francisco while he was working for Chronicle Books. One day, while sitting next to him at a meeting (not at Chronicle), I saw some of his great sketches in his […]

Video Interview with John

Our very own – the talented John Muhlenkamp – was featured on in a video interview. John shares some insights about design, his life, and likes in this featured video. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Interview: Worthy of a Gallery – Mr. John Bell

We searched far and wide and found an amazing talent to interview this month. His name is John Bell and his work is definitely worthy of a gallery. Mr. Bell has an Industrial Design background but followed a career and passion for concept art and movies. He has had a distinguished career (working on some […]

Interview: Spencer Nugent

If you have never seen Spencer’s mug, check out this cool interview vid he was asked to throw together for You can learn a lot about Spencer’s bio or by listening to what he’s saying –  either way, there are some great visual nuggets and advice given by Spencer.

Interview: Rob Jensen, Ford Design

While most of you may not have heard of Rob Jensen, most of you have heard of Ford, and the Ford Mustang. Rob, the Detroit based Ford designer has most recently worked on the development of the Ford Mustang GT500 (Awesome car and design by the way) and has been involved in several key projects […]