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On Workshops

IDSA Boston @ MASS Art Recently I was invited by IDSA Boston to host a Visual Communication and Sketching workshop with local designers and students alike. I had a great time working with the crew there. Initially I was slated to go for only about 4 hours, but we were having so much fun, I […]

Interview: Rob Jensen, Ford Design

While most of you may not have heard of Rob Jensen, most of you have heard of Ford, and the Ford Mustang. Rob, the Detroit based Ford designer has most recently worked on the development of the Ford Mustang GT500 (Awesome car and design by the way) and has been involved in several key projects […]

IDSKETCHING.COM in the news!

Look for the Feb. 09 issue of Mac Life at your local newsstand. On the cover you will see some sketches from this site! There is also a feature on inside on p. 34. But wait…there’s more! On page 28 there is a full write up on our very own Steve McDonald as well! […]